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From 7 to 25 May

Emi’s Kitchen gives you demonstrations and instructions in the art of Japanese home-style cooking for non-Japanese, in a small group of 2-6 people, basically in English. We show you how to select the main ingredient and what accompanying ingredients best match the main ingredient – and which combinations must be avoided.

Preparing a dish is a combination of arts and crafts. Cooking is only a small part of the production process. In a dish there is a main ingredient and there are several accompanying ingredients. Each ingredient is carefully and selected and matched with the main ingredient in a definite order and manner. Does it make you think of a symphony orchestra? Yes. A dish is a symphony of perfectly matched tastes.

The purpose of cooking is to release the tastes and the flavours of the ingredients in definite proportions to each other. Cooking at the right temperature for the right duration is very crucial to the final taste of any dish, and this is more particularly true for the Japanese dishes.

In preparing any dish, all your five senses must become involved: you visually examine the ingredients for definite qualities, shapes and forms; you touch them to feel their firmness; you inhale their fragrances from the beginning to the end; you listen to the sounds of cooking; your sample the tastes…


Eating a Japanese dish is also a pleasure for all five senses;

1. beautiful arrangement in selected crockeries, the background colour, and the colour of the dish itself, the arrangement;
2. the sound you hear through the inner ear leading from the throat;
3. the aroma, and that agony of anticipation; 
4. the sense of touch is inside your mouth – the tongue, the inner cheeks and the palate – and how it feels in there;
5. and above all, the taste!

That is the Symphony on the plates of the people for whom you cook: your family members and guests.
At Emi’s Kitchen, you will learn not only to cook, but also to prepare Japanese dishes in home-style cooking.

Emi’s Kitchen will choose the type of the menu for the session, depending on the season, and what is available in the market at the time. But we always guarantee that it will be typical Japanese dishes prepared in average Japanese households. Our menu basically consists of 2 main, 2 side, miso soup and rice. After a meal, let's do a supermarket tour.

Sushi class includes 3 kinds of sushi (temari, nigiri and gunkan-maki), Japanese omelette and miso soup. Just enjoy making sushi, talking and food.

You will learn how to make real miso soup. It's absolutely different from instant one.

menu examples for main dishes:
-Gyoza dumplings
-Teriyaki for fish
and more!

Minimum participants are 1 person and maximum is 3. Before booking, please email to confirm the date and time.

JPY 7,500 per person for Japanese standard cooking course or sushi class.

The fees are to be paid through Paypal in advance. Your booking will be confirmed after the payment.

The Fees include the following:
• Recipe in English
• Apron rental for free
• Ingredients and meal
• Roasted brown tea or barley tea
• Supermarket tour

Minimum participants are 1 person and maximum is 3. Before booking, please email to confirm the date and time.

Japanese standard cooking class

Sushi class

Before booking, please confirm date and time.